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Irs account Form: What You Should Know

Refunds · Tax Form Status Refund Status is provided at most tax offices as information regarding refund activity will not be available until the payment is processed.  Payment status | IRS Information regarding your tax account, refund status, return due date and tax account balance can be found under the “Payments” section of your Online Account. Accessibility: The IRS provides a free Accessibility Assistance Tool (AT) to assist individuals with disabilities access a website and view online applications, such as Free File, tax forms and publications. If you wish to assist persons who are unable to use a screen reader, e-File your tax return and e-View a document, e-File your tax return using the Free File and Free File Fillable Forms software, which allow users with disabilities to use computers, read and print the web pages, view and print Free File fillable forms, and use the Accessibility Assistance tool. Information concerning the AT, including ways to request this tool, a contact information for requestors and an explanation of other services are on the IRS' Free Accessibility Assistance page.  Access Free Phone App | IRS You can reach the Free Phone app by selecting the Access Free Phone in the App Listing located at the lower left side of the page or by contacting your local customer support office. The IRS provides this information as a courtesy. The app is designed for Americans who have hearing, vision, mobility, speech or visual impairments or visual disturbances. If it is your first time utilizing the app, and you would like to use it to: — Answer phone calls — Find information that is not available in the app — Access information in the tax return that is not in the app and — Request a toll-free number to contact the IRS — See a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the app, in your choice of English only or in English, Spanish and/or French, download the app in your choice of language, set a PIN and proceed to the Tax Return Assistance Center (TRACK) to access the app. The IRS will not charge your card for using the app to make an IRS inquiry. You can also download, and use, the IRS-provided Telephone Scrapbook for free after signing up at The Phone Scrapbook is a software tool that allows U.S. citizens who use a hearing or speech device to access calls made by the U.S. government.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Irs account

Instructions and Help about Irs account

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